#1 Pilot
#2 Singer in the Band
#3 Bedfellas
#4 Higher Calling
#5 The Heartless Bitch
#6 Separation Anxiety
#7 Constitutions
#8 True Believers
#9 The Grinch
#10 A Criminal Mind

Consulting producers Nat Bernstein, Mitchell Katlin, Producer Kim Newton, Co-executive producer Hart Hanson, Co-executive producer Molly Newman, Co-executive producer Allan Arkush, Co-executive producer Alice West, Executive producer David E. Kelley

#1 Pilot: Aired Sunday, September 26, 1999

The firm gets a new hire, a homicide detective who is leaving the force and her partner... who was more than just a partner on the job. The firm is hired by a woman who thinks her cousin was murdered, but they discover that their client is actually the murderer. Manny has trouble telling a woman that her husband is cheating on her.

#2 Singer in the Band: Aired Sunday, October 3, 1999

Greg asks the Snoops to help him bust a suspected serial killer. After Manny gets arrested trying to get info from his psychiatrist's office, Glenn poses as an amateur country singer to gain an invitation to the man's house. Once there, she finds his secret basement full of shellacked dead women posed as famous country singers. Roberta uses extortion and the snatching of a hair-piece to get a man to pay child support.

#3 Bedfellas: Aired Sunday, October 10, 1999

Glenn is hired by a man she is dating to investigate money disappearing at his department store. When he doesn't press charges against the salewoman that they bust, and then the saleswoman turns up dead, the firm starts to invesigate the client himself. They realize that he is actually a nephew to the mob, and his store sells stolen goods. Glenn wears a wire and fakes her own shooting to get his confession and keep herself safe from a mob hit. Manny gets an insecure Dana to help him prove that a man is faking his injuries by seducing him, and helps a balding lawyer gain some pride.

#4 Higher Calling: Aired Sunday, October 17, 1999

Glenn and Dana must find the person selling a sexually explicit video of a congressional candidate.

#5 The Heartless Bitch: Aired Sunday, October 24, 1999

Glenn and Dana help a man find the awful gold-digging woman who received his dead wife's heart. The man marries this terrible woman and steals the heart back, trying to get it transplanted into a more deserving woman. Manny and Roberta are hired by a man who wants to make sure that his fiancee is faithful, and Manny screws up the case when he starts falling for the woman that he's spying on. Dana struggles with her relationship with Greg.

#6 Separation Anxiety: Aired Sunday, October 31, 1999

Glenn faces personal demons when she helps an adopted teen-ager find her birth mother. Dana's life is threatened by a stalker.

#7 Constitutions: Aired Sunday, November 21, 1999

A man hires Glenn to investigate his daughter's fiance, who he thinks might be gay. It turns out the fiance isn't gay, but in fact is a gay basher. Manny is hired by a woman to find out if her husband killed her mother, but it turns out that the whole thing is an elaborate ploy by the couple to get the woman off the hook for killing her own mother for her inheritance. Glenn finally loses her patience with Dana and fires her. Although Glenn offers Dana her job back, Dana realizes that she should go back to being a cop.

#8 True Believers: Aired Sunday, November 28, 1999

Against her better judgement, Glenn takes a case from Gary in which she and her firm kidnap a girl to help her father get her out of a church/cult. They complete the deed, but are busted by the cops. Dana, back with the police force, agrees to overlook it until the girl's real parents show up and say they have received a ransom request for their daughter. Glenn feels guilty, and helps the parents successfully trade $500,000 for the girl safe and sound. At first, Dana and Greg think that perhaps the girl's parents engineered the entire thing due to the fact that they have kidnapping insurance for up to $500,000. They also suspect the cult leader since she is not cooperating withtheir investigation of her finances. It turns out that it was the girl herself who faked her kidnapping to get money for her church.

#9 The Grinch: Aired Sunday, December 12, 1999

Glenn is hired by a poor neighborhood's residents to figure out who's stealing the children's Christmas gifts, and brings to the surface all her negative feelings about Christmas. Glenn discovers that the culprit is a young boy who is upset about his father dying. Glenn ends up playing Santa for the neighborhood. A man hires Manny to kill his wife, and Manny works with the police the bust the guy for attempted murder. But everyone's surprised when the client turns up dead instead of the wife, and the wife is the person who shoots him... in self-defense. Manny goes on a crusade to prove that the wife set her husband up, and figures out that she convinced her husband that they were going to do a documentary about taking out a hit on someone.

#10 A Criminal Mind: Aired Sunday, December 19, 1999

Glenn and Dana have to defend an old man suspected of murder after he draws a treasure map to a dead body while under hypnosis. It turns out that the man is actually being framed by his psychiatrist and her lover. Dana has to deal with Greg wanting to rekindle their relationship, and finally gives into his passion. Roberta and Manny team up with an oaf to bounty hunt a bank robber.