Season 1, Episode 9: The Grinch

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Rating: 5.0/7


Written by David E. Kelley, Directed by Joe Napolitano

Guest starring James Eckhouse as Michael Zindler, Adina Porter, Caroline Lagerfelt, Ron Fassler, Jascha Washington, Virginia Capers, Emily Kuroda

Co-starring Edwin Hodge as Steven Jackson, Betty A. Bridges as Ellen, Lawrence Lowe as Joseph


"I don't hate Christmas. I think it's stupid and ridiculous and even dangerous in the way it gives people the illusion that they can feel all warm and safe, when the reality is it's the same world and just a different month. So I don't hate Christmas. It is just dumb." -Glenn

"What's Manny doing?" -Glenn
"Just planning a murder." -Roberta

"I suppose you're gonna gloat now." -Greg
"Ah, I don't do that. I'm right so often, it's boring. The thrill is gone." -Manny

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