Season 1, Episode 7: Constitutions

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Rating: 7.1


Teleplay by David E. Kelley, Story by Alfonso H. Moreno and Molly Newman, Directed by Bethany Rooney

Guest starring Kellie Waymire, Michael Cudlitz, Brandon Douglas, Donald Berman, Claudette Roche, Nathan LeGrand

Co-starring Bruce Katzman as Mitchell, Alejandro Potino as sheriff, Robin Karfo as Judge Harris, Steven Jong as salesperson, Brian Machleit as Kevin


Manny: "And the police definitely consider it homicide."
Diana: "Oh, yes. She was sawed in half. Can you help me?"

"I found some gay porn videos in his closet."
Glenn: "What were you doing in his closet?"
"Snooping. To see if he was in it, if you get my meaning."

Glenn to Dana: "Either you want to be here, or not, but if you don't, have the decency to quit and stop making the rest of us so miserable."

Greg: "Come on, Diana, your turn to talk."

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