Season 1, Episode 3: Bedfellas

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Written by Everett Owens and David E. Kelley, Directed by Dennie Gordon

Guest starring Robert Rusler, Stephen Tobolowsky, Ralph Monaco, Jennifer Griffin, Paul Schulze

Co-starring Aixa Clemente as Judge White, Sandra de Bruin as Attorney Pressman, Larry McQuillen as Agent Reynolds, Mark Hicks as custodian, Nick Vallelonga as large driver, Kim Koscki as security guard, James Noble Gordon as plainclothesman


"I don't sleep with guys on the fourth date. I do on the third, but you missed your chance." -Glenn

"I'm not the frigid little ice-cube they say I am." -Dana

"You're not a very sexual person, are you?" -Glenn
"I'm sexual. Just because I don't like to get all non-missionary on front lawns...." -Dana

"Okay, wish me luck." -Dana
"I'm dead. Good luck." -Manny

"I sprained a breast. You better win." -Dana

"It's exciting working here, isn't it?" -Manny

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