Season 1, Episode 2: Singer in the Band

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Written by David E. Kelley, Directed by Allan Arkush

Guest starring Robert Joy, Stephen Tobolowsky, Lily Knight, Joe Chrest

Co-starring Dick Miller as Julie, Michael Rothboor as Dr. Sawyer, John Kendall as stage manager, Taneka Johnson as officer, Susan Mosher as Fall to Pieces singer, Daniel Graves as Warren


"Here only a week and I'm bringing in new clients already." -Dana
"Yes. And someday you'll even bring in someone you haven't slept with." -Glenn

"He looks like a murderer. Check out those eyes." -Glenn
"Here we go with the eyes again." -Dana
"That was a put down. We don't do put downs here." -Glenn
"You called him a murderer." -Dana
"I mean each other. We don't put down each other." -Glenn

"She thinks there's like something wrong with me 'cause I want it all the time. I mean look at her, wouldn't you? I mean she tenses up. It's like every time I turn to stone so does she." -Manny

"Dana, you can't sing." -Greg
"I can sing. A little." -Dana
"Let's say for the sake of argument you can. You certainly don't do it in a way that would make a man attracted to you." -Greg

"Something about her with men." -Manny
"Yeah, probably her digital nipples." -Dana

"This bothers you, doesn't it?" -Glenn
"I just can't believe technology's made it all the way to second base." -Dana

"Hello? I was there. Remember? Pink sweater, black pants, gun?" -Dana

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