Season 1, Episode 10: A Criminal Mind

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Rating: 5.7/9


Written by Hart Hanson, Directed by Ian Sander

Guest starring Brandon Maggart, Stephen Tobolowsky, Rex Linn, Wendy Gazelle, Keith Langsdale, Tom McGowan, Henry Sanders, Sal Lopez

Co-starring Mary Bogue as frazzled woman, Trent J. Cameron as Wyatt Williams, Daniel R. Escobar as bargain seeker, John Torbett as cop #1, John Duerler as security guard, Jason E. Carmichael as Ralph


"It's like old times, huh?" -Greg
"Oh, yeah. Y'know, some people have Paris, we've got the putrid stench of voilent death." -Dana

"He's committed to think about being committed." -Glenn

"Why can't we ever do things the simple way?" -Dana

"Hey, I don't think you're melding as well as you think you're melding." -Roberta

"You need to get into the sleaze of what we do and embrace it better." -Manny to Roberta

"I got two tires, two shots." -Dana

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