Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

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Written by David E. Kelley, Produced and Directed by Allan Arkush

Guest starring John Glover, Margo Martindale, Sydney Walsh, Shareen Mitchell, Clayton Landey, Tom McGowan

Co-starring Brett Kolste Miller as Wilson, Corey Scott as Johnson, Bertram Mayweather as uniform #1, Steve Monroe as LA security officer, Gordon Wells as older man, Kate Murtagh as older woman


"I apologize, but over the phone you sounded less attractive." -Glenn

"Memo: tint windows." -Manny

"I'm sorry, I'd like to finish on the wire-tap issue, then we can turn to your unrelenting hostility." -Dana
"I bet she's been wearing her hair up since she was two." -Roberta

"Is there a bathroom, or do people here just piss on each other?" -Dana

"Laurie, I've been a detective a long time...." -Dana
"Oh yes, you look it. What are you, twenty-five?" -Laurie
"I'm thirty-one! Do I look twenty-five?" -Dana

"This woman's a lonely loon just looking for attention and she's take..." -Greg
"How dare you?!" -Hannah
"Who are you?" -Greg
"This would be the lonely loon." -Dana

"The very first day you started I told you the old shiny saying. Now what was it?" -Glenn
"Sometimes the job sucks." -Manny

"Y'know, committing murder is one thing, but for them to kiss... I'm sorry!" -Dana

"I want all the toys." -Dana

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